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The main attractions on Sifnos are undoubtedly the village of Kastro, and the beautiful and hiking friendly landscape. The monastery of Chrisopigi is also an important sight. (The area around the monastery is a popular bathing-place with rocks, and is therefore described under the heading Beaches.)

Other attractions include the Venetian dovecotes and the old defence towers as you see all around. It is said that there are around 10 defence towers on the island. Unfortunately, almost all the towers are destroyed, often they lie in ruins. There are also some interesting caves for those who like the underworld. One is located above the port of Kamares, another along the road to Vathy, just after the church of Agios Andreas. The latter cave is called Spiliafarango and is well signposted from the road. Bring a torch if you're going to enter the cave. Anyone who likes monasteries, churches and chapels have a lot to revel in.

Via the links below, you can read about the archaeological site of Agios Andreas, and about the famous pottery of Sifnos. The latter may not be termed as a sight, but in this case it actually is like that. :-)

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