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Limnionas, Kohilari & Stefanos in Kos

There are lots of beaches on Kos that I do not mention here, I leave it to you to discover them yourselves. But I write shortly of some of these beaches below.


Limnionas beach. Kos.

Limnionas beach.



North of Kefalos on western Kos lies Limnionas beach and Kohilari beach. It is two beaches that differs completely from each other. Limnionas is a small and cute sandy beach next to an equally small fishing port. Above the beach is a taverna that serves fresh fish from the fishing boats.


Kohilari beach in Kos.

Kohilari beach.


Kohilari is a long sandy beach that is extremely popular with kitesurfers. Even if you do not kitesurf yourself, I can recommend a visit to Kohilari beach. When it is really windy, the air is filled with surfers who perform one hard trick after the other.

Agios Stefanos beach is just a stone's throw from Kefalos beach. It's a nice beach with not as many people as many other beaches. You can swim, or walk if you are very tall, to the islet of Kastri off the beach. On the islet there is a tiny beach and a small church.


Agios Stefanos beach close to Kefalos in Kos.

Agios Stefanos beach close to Kefalos.


Helona beach is also a fantastic sandy beach. It is located west of Kardamena, and south of Antimachia. Golden sand, or Golden beach, is a fairly unknown beach located west of Lambi which lies close to Kos Town.


Agios Fokas is the beach near Kos town

Agios Fokas beach.


Agios Fokas is the beach near Kos town that I like best. The beach is visited mainly by the Greeks themselves and is not exploited at all.


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