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Apollonas on Naxos

If you drive north along the coast from Naxos Town, you will after about 36 kilometres arrive at Apollonas. You can also drive through the mountains, then you will pass by many villages, for example Halki, Filoti and Apiranthos. But the coastal road is nicer as the view overlooking the sea is wonderful, and there are many nice attractions to stop at.


Tavernas in Apollonas. Naxos.

Tavernas in Apollonas.



Already a few kilometres outside Naxos Town, you can make a detour to the monastery of Agios Chrisostomos. Just before the monastery lies a beautiful church carved into a rock. The monastery is still in operation, but unfortunately it is not possible to visit it. But the view overlooking Chora and the blue sea all the way to Paros is adorable, and to see the sunset from here is really worth-seeing.

After the monastery (drive back the way you came), the road continues along the coast, you pass several small villages (Galini and Egares), two artificial dams and a couple of beaches, including Abram beach where there are rooms to rent and a cosy seafront taverna.


Apollonos. Naxos. Sandy beach.

Apollonos and the sandy beach.

The scenery is slowly changing after Abram beach and finally it is really scenic. 8 kilometres from Abram lies the remarkable medieval Agia Tower. Just after the Tower of Agia you drive through a landscape that resembles of the Wild West, then the road turns and Apollonas is visible in the distance.


Apollonas in Naxos.



Apollonas is an old fishing village that over the years, slowly but steadily, has turned into a small tourist resort. Apollonas is, together with the village of Apiranthos, one of Naxos' most popular excursion destination, and that because of three reasons: just outside the village lies Naxos' largest Kouros, here are some pretty nice beaches and the tavernas are strategically situated along the waterfront. Appollonas is just a small village with a few alleys and a promenade.


For those looking for quiet evenings and nights there are several pensions to stay at. I'm very fond of Apollonas and would be more than happy to stay here a few nights. Unfortunately it has not happened yet. We have friends who have a holiday home in the area, so we use to be there, but we always eat in Apollonas.

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Pebble beach. Apollonas. Naxos.

Far end of the beach consists of shingle and pebble.


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