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Sights in Karpathos

For many, Karpathos is equal to lazy days on one of the many nice beaches. For others, it is the countryside that is the most important reason to travel to Karpathos. However, there are no spectacular sights. Beyond Olympos as you obviously have to see.


Ancient Potideon in Pigadia. Karpathos.

Ancient Potideon in Pigadia.



Otherwise it is few and far between the sights: no temples, no excavations, no important monasteries, no statues, no castles. But what does it matter, the more time there is to live in the present and take each day as it comes, sunbathe and swim, hike, discover all the lovely villages and take part of the Greek everyday life.


The Roman cisterns above Lefkos in Karpathos.

The Roman cisterns above Lefkos.

But is there nothing to see if you are interested in history? Well, about on the middle of the beach in Pigadia there are remains of a Mycenaean city called Ancient Potideon.

And above Lefkos there are remains of some Roman cisterns. Some steps under a roof of thick rectangular stones leads down to the cisterns that the Romans used to collect water. Personally, I think the view overlooking Lefkos is a bigger sight than the cisterns.


The vilage Olympos in Karpathos.


Personally, I think the beautiful scenery and the amazing beaches are the main attractions of Karpathos. And Olympos of course, as you can see in the picture above.


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