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Arkasa in Karpathos

Arkasa (531 inhabitants) is the second largest village on Karpathos. Arkasa i located about 16 kilometres west of Pigadia, and some 2 kilometres south of the small fishing village of Finiki. Arkasa is a very pleasant village that is quite scattered and divided in the middle by a lush ravine. The small square in the upper part of the village is framed by tavernas.


Arkasa. Karpathos.




The area is very interesting. It is believed that the area around Arkasa has been inhabited for several thousand years. Below the village, on a high cliff that juts out into the sea lies Paleokastro where there are ruins of an ancient city. Parts of the defensive wall are still extant. Many of the founded objects at Paleokastro can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Arkasa.


Arkasa village and beach in Karpathos.

View of Arkasa.

To the left of Paleokastro lies the fine sandy beach of Agios Nikolaos. The beach is shallow and children friendly. Sometimes the sea runs high. The Taverna Glaros above the beach serves very good food. To the right, above the beach, is the church of Agia Sofia. Around the church are the remains of an older Byzantine church - Agia Anastasia - who is said to be from the 5th century. The mosaic floor of Agia Anastasia are partly preserved, but has been decayed from the wind and weather.


Agios Nikolaos beach. Paleokastro. Arkasa. Karpathos.

Agios Nikolaos beach below Arkasa. Paleokastro is visible on the cliff.


Note that there is another beach on Karpathos named Agios Nikolaos, the other is located below Spoa.


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