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Lendas in southern Crete

Lendas, or Lentas, is located about 35 kilometres south of Zaros and has about 80 inhabitants. Lendas was, just like Matala, a hippy resort during the happy sixties and seventies. There are no hippies left today, either in Matala or here in Lendas. But the cool atmosphere remains.


Lentas beach southern Crete.

The beach in Lendas in one direction.



In the good old days, most people stayed in tents or slept under the sky. Now the former hippies return with their families to stay comfortable in cosy pensions. Lendas is really something of a returning paradise. Once Lendas always Lendas seems to be the motto.

The village is small and almost completely car-free. Almost all buildings are pensions or tavernas, but Lendas do still not feels like a touristy place. You get more of a feeling of visiting an adult day nursery where time has stopped. The few streets starts from the square and leads down towards the beach.


Lendas beach southern Crete.

The beach in Lendas in the other direction.

The beach is quite okay and it is lined with tavernas and pensions with great location. Sitting down at one of the beachside tavernas and looking out over the sea is really worth the long journey here. Here you will find several nice tavernas serving great homemade Cretan food. One of the better tavernas at the beach is El Greco. Here I have eaten one of the best Fasolakia I have ever eaten.


At Taverna El Greco in Lendas you eat excellent food. Crete.

At Taverna El Greco in Lendas you eat excellent food.


If you are fond of low-key tourist resorts where peace and quiet is the main brand, you will love Lendas. All facilities except ATM are found. If you want to stay for a long time, you have to bring enough money, it is not common to be able to pay by credit card.

Svenska Kulturcentret Lendas Kreta is a non-profit association that organizes a variety of courses in Lendas during the summer months. The Cultural Centre offers courses in everything between heaven and earth, including yoga, choir singing, watercolour painting, photograph and theatre.


Lendas in southern Crete.

View of Lendas.



Lentas is located at the end of the road and the landscape is extremely barren. From my favorite village Zaros, it is about 35 kilometers to Lendas.To the right in the picture you see the tiny village of Ditikos peep out, there lies a beach that is better than the one in Lendas. Ditikos beach is located 2 kilometres west of Lendas.

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The range of accommodation is not huge, so advance booking is recommended. Below are tips on two good pensions.

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