Velanio beach on Skopelos

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Velanio is another one of my favourite beaches on Skopelos. The beach is located next to Stafilos beach. From the far end of Stafilos, a footpath starts leading to Velanio beach. It will only take a few minutes to get there.

The beach lies extremely beautiful and actually consists of two beaches: one beach where you wear swimsuits, and one beach where you do not wear swimsuits. First you come to the dressed part, the beach is both wider and better than the one at Stafilos. Stones in the water makes it difficult to get into the water in some places. The water is delightful and perfect if you like to swim with snorkel and masks.

The nudist beach is located a short distance away, behind two large rocks. The naked part of Velanio is slightly better, there are no rocks in the water so you just have to throw yourself into the water.

No taverna, the nearest taverna is located above Stafilos.

The nudist part of Velanio beach.

The nudist part of Velanio beach.

Velanio beach.

Velanio beach in one direction.

Velanio beach.  Skopelos.

Velanio beach in the other direction. Nudist part begins at the white arrow. The path from Stafilos beach ends where I stand and take this picture.

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