Stafilos beach on Skopelos

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Stafilos, or Stafylos, is Skopelos' most popular beach and is located in a delightful cove at the foot of a pine tree covered hillside. Seeing that Stafilos is the most popular beach, does not mean that it is the best beach, rather it depends on its close proximity to Skopelos Town. The surroundings are nicer than the beach itself, which is very narrow, so narrow that it does not need to be many visitors before the beach is full to the brim. In the centre of the beach is a small cantina selling cold drinks. If you continue to the end of the beach you comes to a path that leads to Velanio beach.

Stafilos is easily reached by private vehicle or by bus from Skopelos Town, it is only 5 kilometres. Steps leads down to the beach from the parking area. The only taverna nearby is the fish taverna of Stafilos Restaurant by the parking area. It serves excellent food, and you can enjoy an incredibly beautiful view out over the sea.

I have not stayed overnight in Stafilos
, but if I want to seek peace and quiet, and to be close to a beach, and a fantastic restaurant, I would have chosen to stay at Mando Beachfront, which seems to be a very good hotel. There are other hotels as well, along the road to Skopelos Town.

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Stafylos. Skopelos.

Stafilos has extremely beautiful surroundings.

Stafylos beach.

Stafilos beach in one direction.

Stafilos beach.

Stafilos beach in the other direction. At the far end of the picture the path to Velanio beach starts.

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