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Although Skopelos has no airport it is as easy as pie to travel here seeing as the island is close to Skiathos that has international airport, and very good boat connections with Skopelos. It's as easy to get here independently as it is to go on a package-holiday.

It is possible to go on a package-holiday from several countries
, check with your tour operator if they arrange trips to Skopelos. The plane lands on Skiathos where you are greeted by a guide who will make sure you come to the port and on board the boat to Skopelos.

Go by air to Skiathos and continue by ferry to Skopelos
. The taxis are waiting outside the airport terminal on Skiathos, the trip to the port takes less than 5 minutes and costs around 6 Euro. Another - definitely not as good - option is to fly to Athens, travel on by bus to Agios Konstantinos and then continue by catamaran to Skopelos.

The nearest domestic airport lies on Skiathos. From Skiathos you can fly to/from Athens.

Skopelos has very good boat connections with Skiathos and Alonissos
. During the summer months, it runs up to seven boats per day to/from Skiathos and Alonissos. Choose between fast catamarans or regular ferries. It takes between 50-75 minutes to Skiathos depending on which boat you choose, to Alonissos it takes between 20-40 minutes. The fast catamarans costs twice as much as regular ferries. There are three ports on Skopelos: Agnontas, Skopelos Town and Loutraki (Glossa). The travelling times above apply from Skopelos Town. The port at Agnontas is only used in bad weather, when the boats have difficulties to call at Skopelos Town.

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The port of Skiathos is below the red arrow.

The port of Skiathos is below the red arrow.

The port of Skopelos town.

The port of Skopelos town.

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