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Kastro and Seralia in Sifnos

Kastro, within a modest walking distance (3 km) from Apollonia, is the most beautiful and most scenic village on Sifnos. I gladly stick my neck out and select Kastro to be one of the finest villages throughout the Cyclades.


The special architecture of Kastro. Sifnos.

The special architecture of Kastro.

Thanks to its strategic location, Kastro has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The village was built on a hilltop and it was a piece of cake to discover possible enemies. From the beginning there were only the castle, and it gave the village its name (Kastro means castle). Today, most of the original castle are in ruins, but several houses are being restored.

When Kastro got too small, new houses where built outside. The placement of the houses along the ridge made the village still easy to defend. Kastro of today is a magical place where you can easily spend several hours. Just the view of the vast sea makes the village worth a visit.


Kastro from the road that goes to Apollonia in Sifnos.

Kastro from the road that goes to Apollonia.

In Kastro is a small archaeological museum that offers some exciting things. Surprisingly, there are at least as interesting things to look at in the alleys: Roman sarcophagus, amphorae, Venetian coats of arms, and what is most special is that some of the dwellings are propped up by ancient columns. It is as if the village were a part of the archaeological museum. Kastro's alleys are also full of drowsy cats lying half asleep at the unique balconies which forms a roof over the alleys.


Alleys in Kastro. Sifnos.

One of the many cozy alleys in Kastro.


The village has several tavernas and a few trendy cafes playing beautiful music and offering breathtaking views. In my opinion, the best taverna is To Astro from where you have great views of the beautiful valley. The food is superb and the owners are super nice.

To the right of Kastro is the old fishing boat port of Seralia where there is one taverna, a few fishing boats and a small pebble beach that is good enough if you just want to go for a quick swim. Below Kastro lies the beautiful chapel of Efta Marytres with its bathing-place with rocks.


Kastro and Seralia in Sifnos.

Kastro and Seralia.



If you want to stay in Kastro, you can choose between standard rooms and some luxury accommodations, including a restored windmill.

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