Livadaki beach on Serifos

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Livadaki is so close to Livadi that you almost do not notice that you are in another place. It takes about 5-10 minutes to get here from Livadi. The beach is beautiful and is covered with light fine sand, the water is crystal clear and shade is provided by tamarisk trees. The beach is quite well protected from northern winds. Many of the tourist facilities that is found in Livadi is also found in Livadaki. Among other things, there are scooter rental places and many tavernas and beach bars.

The beach offers nice views overlooking Chora and you can keep a check on all ferries and sailboats on the way to Livadi. If you continue past Livadaki, you eventually come to the unofficial nudist beach Karavi.

Above the beach are several hotels and pensions
, and many choose to stay here instead of in Livadi. Aigaion Studios, Coralli Bungalows and Coralli Apartments are the ones booked the most times via Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera) in 2016.

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Livadaki.  Serifos.

From Livadaki you can see all the way to Chora.

Livadaki beach. Serifos.

Livadaki beach.

Livadaki and Livadia in Serifos.

Vy över Livadi. Livadaki is under the red arrow.

The island opposite is Sifnos, and the island to the right is Kimolos.

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