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The arable area of Santorini is large, among the largest in the archipelago, and a large part of the land is used to grow grapes. There is a dozen of grape varieties, many of them are unique to Santorini. The most common is called Assyrtiko, a grape that gives a white wine with high acidity and an elegant and fresh taste. The vines of Santorini is growing in a different way than we are used to see in other wine countries, it is often windy, and it is often a fierce wind, and there are no trees to screen so to protect the grapes the vines are trained low to the ground in a basket shape.

The wines produced in Santorini is said to have a distinctive flavour thanks to the mineral-rich soil. The wineries have naturally made capital of the island's origin and the wines have names like Atlantis, Vulcano and Lava.

The island has about a dozen wineries, almost all offer some kind of tour and tasting. A nice winery is the cooperative Santo Wines, they produce among other things an unbelievably tasty white wine that are sold in both bag-in-box and bottle. At Santo Wines one can also enjoy wine and snacks together with formidable caldera views. Santo Wines is located above Athinios port on the way to Perissa.

Examples of other vineyards are Boutari Winery and Antoniou Winery in Megalochori, Hatzidakis Winery in Pyrgos and Canava Roussos in Mesa Gonia.

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Grapes picked in Perivolos.

Grapes picked in Perivolos.

Winery under the village of Pyrgos.

Winery under the village of Pyrgos.

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