Kamari beach on Santorini

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Kamari is, after Fira, the second largest tourist resort in Santorini. The beach stretches from the enormous rock that separates Perissa and Kamari, all the way to the airport.

The sand is gray-black, coarse-grained and warm. There is a maze of wooden footbridges on the beach that makes it possible to walk without burning your feet. Thongs is recommended. It gets deep almost at once. Treacherous and slippery underwater rocks hides along some sections of the beach. From your sunbed or bar stool you will have full control of all planes that are heading in for landing. When you are going home you can wave to your favourite taverna and start to long to go back.

The beach is bordered with a long seafront promenade with tourist shops, hotels, pensions, bars and countless restaurants. Beyond the seafront promenade are more hotels and pensions spreading out, the streets are cram-full of shops of all kinds. An outdoor cinema with a pretty up to date program lies just outside Kamari. The road to Ancient Thira starts from the end of the beach at the foot of the enormous rock.

You can go by beach boat from Kamari to Perissa and vice versa. The beach boat start out from the end of the beach and cost about 4 €. The boat trip takes about 15 minutes.

The seafront promenade in Kamari. Tavernas.

The seafront promenade in Kamari.

Part of the beach in Kamari.

Part of the beach in Kamari.

Almost all tourists that stays in Kamari
have travelled on a package holiday. If you are travelling independently and want to stay in Kamari, there is still a nice range of hotels and pensions to choose from. Below are some suggestions for hotels. If nothing appeal to you, you can find more hotels via the link at the bottom.

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Shopping in Kamari. Santorini.

One of the shopping streets in Kamari.

View of Kamari from Ancient Thira.

View of Kamari from Ancient Thira.

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