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The tour operators' main excursion goes to the mountain village of Zia about 16 kilometres west of Kos Town. The village is usually described as idyllic and picturesque. Unfortunately, it's not true with reality, at least not my reality. But for anyone who has never visited a Greek mountain village, Zia might appear as picturesque.

Zia was certainly picturesque once upon a time, before the mass tourism came to Kos. Today one really has to exert oneself, and wink at all commerce, to see anything idyllic in Zia. The village has been completely taken over by tavernas and souvenir shops selling knick knack. However, there are local products like honey and herb for purchase as well, but you can buy it everywhere on Kos.

But isn't there anything good about Zia? Well, if you walk further up into the village, you will get away from the commerce. Here it is calmer and you get a completely different picture of the village. Zia do also offer very nice views and the sunset is extraordinary. The best thing about Zia is, in my opinion, the beautiful stretch of road to the village, and from the village.

There are several of nice tiny villages near Zia that are untouched by tourism. Lagoudi is the finest and definitely the sleepiest of these villages. Here is an air of pleasant calm, and it is a pleasure to slowly stroll through the desolate alleys and listen to the clucking hens and angry cocks.

Zia is beautiful. Kos.

Zia is beautiful, but unfortunately ruined by tourism.

Souvenir shops in Zia.

Souvenir shops in Zia.

View of Zia and out over the sea.

View of Zia and out over the sea.

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