Plaka Forest in Kos

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Plaka Forest, just beyond the airport near the village of Antimachia, is a quiet and peaceful oasis. It takes a few minutes to understand the greatness, at first it feels like any forest, but the farther you come, the more mysterious it becomes. Sunlight filtering through the dense branches creating beautiful patterns on the ground.

The danger of forest fires is huge. One can only imagine what a disaster it would be if a fire started here. There are warning signs everywhere and living fire detectors patrol the area continuously.

The islanders often goes here to have picnic at major weekends, they have barbeque and enjoy the existing tranquillity. And it's just the tranquillity that makes Plaka Forest such a unique place. There are not many other quiet places on Kos. The only sounds that are heard come from the many peacocks living in the forest, and I really mean many peacocks, they are just everywhere.

The peacocks are domestic, curious and hungry, so bring some food for them. Or they may not be hungry, they just pretend to be hungry just to get some food. Water turtles lives in the small streams and they do also beg for food. They are really cute.

Peacocks in Plaka Forest..

You get very close to the peacocks in Plaka Forest.

There are also a lot of cats in Plaka Forest.

There are also a lot of cats in Plaka Forest.

Plaka Forest. Kos.

Plaka Forest. I think that the children are the ones who are most fond of the peacocks. :-)

Plaka Forest is close to the airport and the village of Antimachia.

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