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Agia Marina west of Chania in Crete

Agia Marina is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Crete. Over a distance of 20 kilometres west of the Venetian port of Chania are nine seaside villages where it is possible to go on a package holiday from many countries: Nea Chora, Chrissi Akti, Agii Apostoli, Kalamaki, Kato Stalos, Agia Marina, Platanias, Gerani and Maleme.

Agia Marina lies about 10 kilometres west of the Venetian port of Chania. Where Agia Marina ends, Platanias begins. It is difficult to see where one tourist resort begins and where the other ends. But thanks to a road sign you get the answer. It is not so much that differs Agia Marina and Platanias. They offers about the same gigantic range of tourist amenities.


The beach in Agia Marina west of Chania in Crete.

Part of the beach in Agia Marina.



What distinguish the resorts is that Agia Marina is "quieter", and the beach is much better. The extended beach is beautiful, it consists of fine-grained sand and it is child-friendly. Underwater currents occur and it can be dangerous to swim, lifeguards then hoists red flags, meaning no swimming. Incidentally, this applies to almost the entire coastline, not just here in Agia Marina. Agii Apostoli is a better choice if you want to avoid underwater currents, especially if you are travelling with young children.

The small island of Theodorou off Agia Marina is a nature reserve and the Cretan wild goat Kri-kri inhabit the island. It is not allowed to go ashore, but there are excursion boats that make stops off the island.


Platanias, Agia Marina and Theodorou Island seen from Old Platanias in Crete.

Platanias, Agia Marina and Theodorou Island seen from Old Platanias.

Of course there is every facility you could need: tavernas, bars, cafes, discos, car and scooter rental places, supermarkets, souvenir shops, clothing shops, banks and ATMs, travel agencies, etc. The architecture is modern and the buildings generally houses exactly shops, restaurants and hotels. There are - just like in Platanias - an old quarter, but it is not as cosy as Old Platanias.


There are many places within walking distance. It is even manageable to walk to Chania. (I have walked from Platanias to Chania several times.) Buses operates the entire coastline and they depart frequently. If you want to visit the famous beaches Elafonissi (65 km) and Fallasarna (43 km), you can rent a car, or go by bus. A fun way to discover the local area is to go on a trip with The Little Fun Train that goes to many exciting places around Agia Marina.


Agia Marina beach. Chania. Crete.

The beach in Agia Marina in the other direction




Basically everyone who travels to Agia Marina do so on a package holiday. But of course there is also a large range for those who prefer to travel independently. I have never stayed overnight in Agia Marina so I cannot give you any personal tips.

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