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Little charming Votsi lies about 2 kilometres from Patitiri, and about 1 kilometre from Roussoum. The village lies in an extremely beautiful bay with the bluest water imaginable. No other village on Alonissos is located as beautiful as Votsi, not even Stena Vala can compete. Colourful fishing boats bob up and down in the small port. When there is no wind it is hard to imagine a nicer painting than the view of Votsi.

Just like in the neighbouring village of Roussoum there are some tavernas, hotels and pensions in Votsi. Yet one do not experience Votsi as a tourist spot, the Greek everyday life comes first.

The small narrow beach is not much to write home about, in comparison the beach in Roussoum is like paradise. But it is good enough for a short swim or two.

I have never stayed over night in Votsi
, but if I would, I know exactly where I would choose to stay, at Yalis Hotel, that looks fantastic.

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The small beach in Votsi.

The tiny beach in Votsi.

Votsi. Port.

The small fishing port in Votsi is rebuilt (2016) since this picture was taken.

Votsi. Alonissos.

Beautiful Votsi. If you stay in Patitiri or Roussoum you have walking distance to Votsi.

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