Kolymbithra and Apothikes on Tinos

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Kolymbithra lies about 4 kilometres north of Komi and about 15 kilometres north of Tinos town. Personally I think that this is the island's best beach. Too bad it lies so far from Tinos town. Actually, it's two beaches with different names: Kolymbithra and Apothikes - but most say Kolymbithra of both.

The bay looks like a swimming pool and the water is crystal clear and
changes between green and blue. The first beach that officially is called Kolymbithra, is longest. A sort of river flow into the beach. If you are lucky you will see freshwater turtles and waders in the mouth of the river.

Apothikes lies behind a rock on the other side of the big beach of Kolymbithra. The beach is quite small, but - as they say - there is not much of it, but what there is, is good. The sand is fine and golden and the water is incredibly inviting. Here are two tavernas, one on the beach and one above.

The taverna at Apothikes beach.

The taverna at Apothikes beach, close to Kolymbithra.

Kolymbithra beach. Tinos.

Apothikes beach close to Kolymbithra.

Apothikes beach is located around the corner from Kolymbithra. Too bad that this beautiful beach is so far from Tinos stad.

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