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Ormos port and Gialos beach in Ios

Ios port is called Ormos and the port's beach is called Gialos, but nobody says so: everyone says "port", meaning both the port and the beach. In order not to confuse you who have not been to Ios, I use the official names.


Ormos and Gialos beach in Ios.

The long beach in the port.



What is in Chora is also in Ormos, but on a smaller scale: hotels and pensions, travel agencies, tavernas, cafes and bars, supermarkets and bakeries. At the far end of the waterfront, towards the whitewashed and welcoming church of Agia Irini, fishing boats are moored. There is also a beach that has seen better days. Ios' Camping was located here before, but they have been closed for a few years now.

To the right (facing the sea) of the port, the long sandy beach of Gialos extends. It is a good beach lined with tavernas and hotels. Even more hotels and pensions are located behind the beach.


Port beach on Ios.

Gialos beach. From here it is close to the beaches of Tzamaria and Koumbara.

For not so many years ago, Gialos was extremely popular, but in recent years it has lost some of its glory. Probably, it is because most people prefer Mylopotas. But if Gialos had been located on an island with not as nice beaches as Ios, Gialos would have been full of people.


Port and the port beach. Ios.

View of the port and the port beach.


If you are in Ormos or Gialos and are going to Chora you can go bus or walk. The nicest thing is to get up through the old donkey path which starts where the main road turns left towards Chora. If you follow the coast to the left you will reach Valma beach.


If you want to stay close to a beach, and think that Mylopotas is too trendy, it's very nice to stay in the port, or between the port and Chora.

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