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Hiking in Ios

Ios has never really attracted hikers, instead they have searched for quieter islands like Naxos and Amorgos. I think that Ios also will attract hikers in the near future, because Ios is a very good hiking island. The scenery is beautiful and outside the tourist areas there is a pleasant tranquillity, it is rare to meet someone else, often you are alone in the mountains.


Hiking on Ios.

The landscape is hiking-friendly and offers beautiful views.


The picture is taken from the amphitheater at Gallery Yannis Gaitis. The beach down the bay is Mylopotas beach.

A nice hiking route starts at Mylopotas and follow the coast to the solitary beach of Sapounochoma. Another, clearly harder, hiking route begins at Mylopotas and ends in Chora. The hike takes you straight into the mountains, up to Ios highest peak of Pyrgos (713 metres above sea level), from there it goes down until you reach Chora, where a cold beer is waiting for you as a reward.


An easy hike to Valma beach via the beautiful church of Agia Irini in Ios.

An easy hike to Valma beach via the beautiful church of Agia Irini.

If you just want to do an easy hike to feel what kind of hiking island Ios can be, I can recommend the hike between the port and Valma beach, and on to Chora.


Shopping in Chora, Ios.

Most people enjoy hiking around in the alleys of Chora.



If you are going to hike on Ios, I can recommend the map from Terrain maps (1:25,000), describing seven hiking routes on the island. The map is available for purchase on Ios. I also recommend the hiking book Santorini, Sifnos, western and Southern Cyclades by Dieter Graf. The book describes three lovely hikes on Ios in detail. The book could possibly be available for purchase on Ios, otherwise you will find it on larger islands, or buy it on internet.


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