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Galifos & Agios Nikolaos in Folegandros

At Angali beach, a path begins that leads to the beaches of Galifos and Agios Nikolaos. None of them are accessible by car or scooter, so you will have to walk, or to go by beach boat.


Galifos beach in Folegandros.

Galifos beach is below the white houses (Galifos Rooms).



Galifos is a tiny shingle beach about five minutes walk from Angali. The beach itself is not much to brag about, but the water is absolutely wonderful, and perfect for anyone who likes to snorkel. Above the beach lies Galifos Rooms that offers simple rooms without electricity. Do you want to escape civilization for a while, this is where you should stay. Phone: +30 6976131295.


Agios Nikolaos beach in Folegandros.

Agios Nikolaos beach.

A fifteen minute walk from Galifos lies Agios Nikolaos in a sheltered nice little bay. The sand is mixed with gravel. The water is clear and snorkelling friendly. In some places it's tricky to get into the water because of some slippery rocks. A few meters from the shoreline, tamarisks gives a much needed shade. Agios Nikolaos attracts many nudists and is considered to be a official nudist beach.


Agios Nikolaos. Taverna Papalagi. Folegandros.


Perhaps, the best thing about Agios Nikolaos is Taverna Papalagi above the beach. It is difficult to find a more beautiful location for a taverna. The view is magnificent, and the food is good. What more do you need?


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