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Shinaria, Amoudi, Amoudaki & Damnoni

Southeast of Plakias in southern Crete lies several lovely beaches, including the beaches of Shinaria, Amoudi, Amoudaki and Damnoni.

Shinaria beach (or Skinaria) is reached via the small village of Lefkogia, located a few kilometres northeast of Shinaria. A few hundred metres before the beach is a strange rock formation on the left. It looks as if someone has drilled a large hole through the rock.


Shinaria beach close to Plakias in Crete.

Shinaria beach.



I think that Shinaria beach is one of the best beaches in this part of Crete. The reasons are several: partly the beach is fine, and partly it has a very beautiful location in a bay lined with rocks to dive from, and partly there is a taverna with a wonderful view that serves delicious food. Half of the beach is for nudists, something that is common at the beaches around Plakias. The taverna is called Lybian star and is located at the parking lot above the beach.

To get to Amoudi beach from here, you have to drive back to Lefkogia and almost immediately turn down to the sea again. Amoudi beach is a pretty nice beach. In places, underwater rocks make it difficult to get into the water. Taverna is available.


Amoudi beach close to Plakias in Crete.

Amoudi beach.

From Amoudi, you can walk or drive to Amoudaki beach located on the other side of the hill. The beach is also reached from Damnoni beach located between Lefkogia and Plakias.


Damnoni beach close to Plakias in Crete.

Damnoni beach.



Damnoni is a small tourist resort on its way to becoming big. The resort offers a long nice beach, several hotels and tavernas. All facilities are found at the beginning of the beach and it is also here where most people are. If you drive to the far end of the beach (of course you can walk too), then there is plenty of room, and sometimes one or two nudists.


The Nudist beach Amoudaki  close to Plakias in Crete.

The Nudist beach Amoudaki.


If you continue to the end of the beach, and rounds the headland, you reach Amoudaki beach, mentioned above. If there sometimes are one or two nudists at Damnoni beach, then the total opposite prevails on Amoudaki beach. Here you can sometimes see one or two with clothes on, otherwise it is skinny-dip that applies. If you like to sunbathe and swim naked, this is the place you should throw your clothes.

If you stay in Plakias (south of Rethymno), I recommend you to visit some of the beaches above. Don't miss Souda beach, located west of Plakias.


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