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Spili south of Rethymno in Crete

Spili, about 30 kilometres south of Rethymno, has a wonderful location at the foot of Mount Kedros, and is one of my favourite mountain villages in Crete. The village is surrounded by lush vegetation and is framed by trees, fountains, springs, chapels and churches with great murals.


The Lion Fountain in Spili. Crete.

The Lion Fountain in Spili.



The big square is the heart of the village, and it is here that you find the famous Lion Fountain. The fountain is made up of twenty-five lion heads from whose mouths crystal clear water sprouts. Fill up your water bottle, you will not find better water in Crete than the lion's. There are several tavernas and cafes at the fountain.

If you stroll in among the narrow alleys at the fountain, you come to Spili's old parts where the buildings are worn and the Greek everyday life rules. The Greek everyday life is certainly noticeable everywhere in Spili, for example there are several old kafenións and ouzerias where the old men live their lives.


Spili in Crete is known for its weavings and other craftworks.

Spili is known for its weavings and other craftworks.


Spili is also a popular excursion destination and it arrives many tour buses every day. Most come to see the Lion Fountain and the huge monastery, and to botanize in the many textile shops along the main street. Spili is well known for its woven fabric.

I would like to take the liberty of making a proposal, please stay overnight in Spili, then you will experience a completely different village than the one you meet during the daytime. The evenings are wonderfully relaxing, and there are many cosy tavernas to choose from. Like Taverna Maria & Kostas where you eat good food in a lush environment with trees and flowers. The taverna is located along the main street in the beginning of the village, quite close to the Heracles Hotel, where I recommend you to stay.


Taverna Maria & Kostas in Spili. Rethymnon. Crete.

Taverna Maria & Kostas in Spili.



Heracles Hotel is a very nice pension with clean rooms and a most enjoyable view of the meditative valley. The owner Heracles is one of the reasons why this is an extraordinary accommodation. He is super friendly, and he is more than happy to share his knowledge of Crete.

In addition, he makes super yummy marmalade and jam. Of course, he uses his own raw ingredients. The marmalade is served at breakfast, it can also be bought at a reasonable price. You can also buy his marmalades if you do not stay at Heracles. If you want to stay where they have a swimming pool, check in at Rastoni.

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View of the village of Spili south of Rethymno.

View of the village of Spili south of Rethymno.


From Spili, it is close to the pleasant tourist resort of Plakias, and to the beaches of Agios Pavlos and Triopetra.


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