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Kritsa in eastern Crete

Kritsa is located about 10 kilometres southwest of Agios Nikolaos in eastern Crete. Kritsa is large as a town, but is generally called "Crete's largest village". Just before Kritsa, on the right side of the road, stands the famous church of Panagia Kera. The church is well worth visiting.

Kritsa is divided into two parts, one lower and one upper, the upper part of the village is oldest and more interesting. It is very difficult to drive, and park, in the upper part of the village, so park the car in the lower part and enter the village on foot.

The main street in Kritsa is lined with handicraft shops. Crete.

The main street in Kritsa is lined with handicraft shops.



Kritsa is famous for its handicrafts. The main street that leads through the village is lined with tourist shops selling everything under the sun, mainly embroidered textiles, ceramics, olive tree crafts and leather gods, but also locally produced olive oil, honey, herbs, spices and of course also raki.


The village Kritsa in eastern Crete.


Narrow streets and alleys leads from the main street in all directions. It's a real pleasure to aimlessly stroll around in the older parts of the village. Some neighbourhoods are very old and the buildings are very worn, it feels like the time has taken a break. I love to stroll around in villages like Kritsa and fantasize about time past. It is both beautiful and sad at the same time.

To get to know this special village you have to stay overnight. Many tourists come here on an excursion during daytime, and then it may be crowded in the village. In the evenings there are almost only villagers in motion, and you can almost have the village for yourself. There are some hotels and pensions, and there are no shortages of bars, cafes or tavernas.


The old parts of Kritsa in Crete.

The old parts of Kritsa.


During one of our many trips around Crete, we experienced a magical evening at the traditional taverna of Agadiko on the main street of Kritsa. Great food, great music, great atmosphere, friendly staff and very good prices. It was such a night that you never want to end. Afterwards we slowly walk home along empty streets and bubbled with happiness. If you have a night over in your life, I can recommend you to spend it in Kritsa.


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Kritsa, seen from the road leading to the Katharo plateau in Crete.

Kritsa, seen from the road leading to the Katharo plateau. Kritsa is located southwest of Agios Nikolaos.



I can recommend a trip up to the Katharo plateau, about 16 kilometres above Kritsa. Do not miss the Church of Panagia Kera, located just before Kritsa.


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