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Arkesini in Amorgos

Arkesini is a tiny village about 14 kilometres west of Chora. If it was not for the village's only taverna there would be no reason to stop here. As said, the village is small, and consists only of a few houses and a couple of alleys.


Arkesini. Amorgos.




We visit Arkesini at least one time to eat lunch at Taverna Marouso every time we are on Amorgos. The taverna is the archetype of a family taverna that you only find in very small villages: there is a menu, but the thing that is on the menu is finished (or never existed), the food takes time to cook, the service is slow, the food is cheap and extremely good. In other words, one tend to be seated for a long time on Taverna Marouso, and by that I mean nothing negative. Before you arrive to Arkesini, there is a path that leads down to Amoudi beach which is one of the least known beaches on Amorgos.


Taverna Marouso in Arkesini in Amorgos.

Taverna Marouso in Arkesini.

An, for Amorgos, unusually flat agricultural landscape extend itself west of Arkesini, the area is called Kato Meria and is not similar to anything else on the island. There are no high mountains or deep valleys, just arable and pasture land, but the surroundings are still very beautiful and well suited for simple hikes.

A few kilometres west of Arkesini lies Kolofana which is even smaller than Arkesini. Also here is a taverna. If you csontinue the road after Kolofana, you will eventually arrive to Kalotaritissa, where Amorgos ends.


Kalotaritissa beach in Amorgos.



Kalotaritissa is a tiny settlement with a few houses, below the settlement lies a bay of the same name. The bay is protected from the wind and weather and when it is storming the fishermen usually anchor their boats here. The bay has a small beach where it sometimes, lo and behold, are sunbeds and umbrellas.

You can make a detour to the monastery of Agia Paraskevi and to Paradisi beach before you arrive to Kalotaritissa. Despite its name, it's no paradise beach, but it is quite okay just to have a dip. Just before you reach the end of the road you will pass a bay on the right side where the wreck of the cargo ship Olympia are lying and rusting.


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