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Volax in Tinos

Volax, or Volakas, is one of Tinos' most interesting villages, and is located approximately 12 kilometers north of Tinos town. The village is small and has only 50 inhabitants. It doesn't take many minutes to walk through the entire village. Many of the houses are built on top of boulders. Although it is a small village there are tavernas, a folk museum, an outdoor theatre and some basket-makers shops.


Volax is a small village with only 50 inhabitants.

Volax is a small village with only 50 inhabitants.


Some of the houses in Volax are built on boulders, or even in boulders.

Some of the houses in Volax are built on boulders, or even in boulders.


The houses in the villages on Tinos are built in Cycladic style and architecture.

But there are also normally built houses in the Cycladic style.

Volax was renowned for its hand-made baskets for many years. Would you buy a basket, it was a basket from Volax you should buy. Not many people use these baskets today. But if you need a new picnic basket in old style, you should buy it in Volax.


Basket-makers shops in Volax on Tinos in Greece

One of several basket-makers shops in Volax.


Volax is known throughout Greece for its beautiful baskets.

Volax is known throughout Greece for its beautiful baskets.


The amphitheater in Volax has 350 seats.

The amphitheater in Volax has 350 seats. The entire village's inhabitants can easily be accommodated.

Tavernas in Volax on Tinos.

Taverna located at the beginning of the village.


Restaurants in Volax on Tinos.

Check out the large boulder to the right of the taverna.


Gigantic boulders in Volax on Tinos in Greece.

It is giant boulders like this that have been found in and around Volax.

There are many villages in Greece that are insanely photogenic, villages where you hardly need to think about the word "good picture", just take a picture and the picture will be perfect. Volax is such a village, just like many other villages on Tinos are.


Strolling around Volaxs cozy alleys is a great pleasure.

Cosy alleys in Volax.


Volax is a mix of old Greek and new Greek.

Volax is a mix of old and new.


Volax is one of the Cyclades' most photogenic villages.

It is not difficult to find photo subjects.


Volax is one of Tinos five most beautiful villages.

Is it beautiful or is it beautiful? It is beautiful!

The landscape around Volax differ from other parts of the island. Giant boulders are thrown at random all around. It is as if a giant played marbles and then got tired of it and just went away.


It is said that the large boulders in Volax come from meteorites.

The boulder landscape surrounding Volax.


There are several theories about how the boulders ended up right here. Unfortunately some giant do not exist in theory. One theory is that the boulders fell around Volax after the major volcanic eruption on Santorini in 1650 BC. Another theory is that the boulders in fact are meteorites. A villager of Volax told me that it have been made geological investigations of the boulders and the result shows that they are remnants of a meteor swarm.


Has Tinos been hit by a meteorite? Yes maybe.

Some of the very many boulders (meteorites?) in Volax.


The same type of boulders - with the same geological composition - are also in Thessaloniki and in a village in Mexico. True or not, it is a strange sight. By the way, I have seen similar boulders on both Ikaria and Mykonos.


The beautiful villages of Koumaros and Volax on the island of Tinos in the Cyclades.

Rocks, rocks and more rocks in Volax. The village of Koumaros is visible in the distance.



Don't miss the lovely village of Koumaros near Volax when you travel to Tinos.

Do not miss the nice village of Koumaros, which you can read about here »


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