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Pyrgos is the second largest village on Tinos. It is a village with a very traditional architecture that has historical connection with a long tradition of sculpture. The village has a suitable touristic charm and it is a great pleasure to aimlessly stroll around in it.

A giant plane tree grows in the beautiful square and it gives shade to the inviting cafes. Alongside the square is a well-preserved fountain. From the steps to the right of the fountain, a alley leads to the village's cemetery. I'm usually not fond of cemeteries, but this is special and well worth seeing. The graves are of marble and richly decorated.

There is a marble museum in the village for those who are interested. Otherwise, it is enough to study the nice ornaments of marble that decorates many houses. One of the most famous sculptors of Pyrgos is Giannoulis Halepas (1851-1938). Many of his sculptures are on display in a small museum located in the beginning of the village.

If you travel by bus from Tinos town to Pyrgos, you will get off the bus on the island world's prettiest bus stop. Built in marble of course.



The square in Pyrgos.

The square in Pyrgos.

One of the many beautiful alleys in Pyrgos.

One of many beautiful alleys in Pyrgos.

The nearest beach is in Panormos a few kilometres north of Pyrgos.

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