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Opinions differs about how many dovecotes there really is on Tinos, some say 600, others say 1,200. The truth may be midway between the two.

The Venetians hold rule over Tinos for many years, and of course they have left their mark on Tinos, among other things they built a lot of dovecots. Aside from eating pigeons, the Venetians used their droppings as dung.

The dovecotes that exists on Tinos today was built during the 1700s and 1800s. They are basically all over the island, many of them are in surprisingly good condition. They are of different sizes and shapes, but the fundamental form is always the same, from a distance they look like miniature Indian palaces.

Most dovecotes lies on the eastern and central parts of Tinos, the most interesting lies outside the villages of Tarabados and Agapi.

Dovecots. Tinos.

One of the many beautiful dovecots.

There are lots of dovecotes in Tinos..

There are lots of dovecotes in Tinos.

There are even dovecotes built into the houses. The best dovecotes is located outside the villages Tarabados and Agapi.

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