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Elios stands on the coast, about in the middle of the island on the opposite side of Skopelos Town. It's a pretty young village with modern architecture. In 1965 a powerful earthquake hit the Sporades, especially Chora on Alonissos was hard-stricken, but also Skopelos got its allotted share. Klima - 5 kilometres north of Elios - was almost completely destroyed. Instead of rebuilding the village, the villagers moved down to the coast and formed the village of Elios. Neo Klima - which Elios is also called - means "New Klima". Today, Elios is quite a large tourist resort with numerous of pensions and tavernas. The best with Elios is the nearness to one of the island's best beaches - Hovolo.

The old town of Klima, partially destroyed by the earthquake in 1965, is slowly starting to live again. Foreigners have in recent years begun to buy up old houses that they renovate with a gentle hand. I understand why, the village stands beautifully on a verdant slope full of olive, lemon and orange trees. The view over the sea is absolutely gorgeous. Klima is definitely worth a visit, not least since it is a village that literally is frozen in time. Klima is also called Paleo Klima, which means "Old Klima".

If you want to stay near one of Skopelos's best beaches, you have quite a number of hotels to choose from in Elios.

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Paleo Klima.

Paleo Klima.

Elios (Neo Klima).

Elios (Neo Klima).

Hovolo beach. Elios.

Elios seen from Hovolo beach.

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