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Walk to Lichnos through the olive grove in Parga

You can go by beach boat from Parga to Lichnos beach, you can also go with your own transport. The absolute nicest, and toughest, means is to walk through the olive groves that cover the hill between Parga and Lichnos.


On a walk through the olive groves to Lichnos beach in Parga.

On a walk through the olive groves to Lichnos beach.


To get to the path, pass Villa Rosa at the end of the village beach, continue along the road until you see the first olive trees, where the road ends, turn right into the path leading almost all the way to Lichnos. The walk is relatively simple and offers a scenery that should impress most people. However, I would like to put up a small warning sign for the walk. I have heard from some readers that they can not find the start of the walk. So, if you do not find the start, you are not alone. Ask somebody the way if you are unsure.

The path leads through an unusual olive tree forest, I have never seen such tall olive trees elsewhere, many are old and knotty and resembles of old oaks. Similar olive trees grows around almost the whole of Parga, it is said to be more than a hundred thousand trees. The reason for the abnormal size is that nobody cared about them - olive trees needs to be pruned - during the Turkish occupation. Black nets lies under the olive trees awaiting the next harvest.

Olive trees in Parga.

The hollow tree you pass in the olive forest.

Along the path you pass the mysterious church of Agios Georgios, it do not resembles of any other churches I have seen, the square building is light blue at the lower part and completely unpainted at the upper part. Agios Georgios, together with the giant olive trees, the black nets, the hollow trunks and the singing cicadas, gives the feeling of being in a ghost forest. Scary and fascinating at the same time.

The path ends at the main road leading down to the beach. (Along the main road lies a taverna with an almost inhumanly amazing view of the bay of Lichnos). You have to walk along the main road the last way to get down to the beach.


View of Lichnos beach. Parga.

The taverna with the gorgeous beautiful view of Lichnos beach.


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