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Beaches on Donoussa

Donoussa do not offer many beaches, but those who are keep high quality and are child-friendly. Some are difficult to access, but most people choose the pleasant port beach or head for the nearby Kedros beach. Nudism is common on all beaches, except at the port beach. Sun beds and umbrellas are not available for rent on any of the beaches.


The beach in the port of Stavros on Donoussa.

The port beach in Stavros in one direction.


Stavros beach at Donoussa in the Small Cyclades.

The port beach in Stavros in the other direction.


Stavros beach is one of the best beaches on Donoussa.

Stavros beach.


The port beach of Stavros belongs to the island's better and is popular among families with children since it is close to home and close to tavernas. Actually, it would have been enough with the port beach, because it is quite long, just like the port beach of Koufonissi.


The port and the port beach in Stavros on Donoussa.

The port and the port beach in Stavros.

Kedros beach, east of Stavros, could be Donoussa's best beach, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to reach it on foot. The beach lies in a sheltered beautiful bay, the sand is fine-grained and the water is clear and clean. Difficult to find shade. Taverna is available.


The path to Kedros beach on Donoussa.

View of Kedros beach. The path down to the beach starts here.


Kedros beach on the island of Donoussa in Greece.

Kedros beach.


The taverna at Kedros beach on Donoussa.

The taverna at Kedros beach.


Kedros beach has become popular among free campers in recent years. The beach is full of people living in small tents or self-built reed houses during high season. The island of Anafi was the free campers' paradise before, but now Donoussa seems to have taken over that role.

Swimming and sandy beaches near the harbour at Donoussa

Kedros beach.


Kedros beach is the official nudist beach on Donoussa. Wild camping occurs.

Kedros beach.


In a bay just after Kedros there is a hard-to-reach tiny beach that is usually empty of people. That beach I have named Kalimera beach.


Kalimera beach close to Kedros beach on Donoussa.

Kalimera beach close to Kedros beach.


Kalimera beach is the smallest beach on Donoussa.

Kalimera beach from another angle.


More beaches with the name Kalimera beach in Greece »

In an inlet just after Kedros is a tiny beach that is difficult to access and it is usually empty of people. An old worn windmill stands above the beach and looks lonely. From the windmill you have fabulous views over the sea. A beautiful and tranquil place to have picnic. To the left of the windmill is the hard-to-reach beach Limenari.


Limenari beach under the windmill on Donoussa.

Limenari beach to the left of the windmill.


Livadi beach lies further east and can be reached by beach boat in high season. It is possible to walk down to Livadi as well. The path begins in Mersini which you can reach by bus from Stavros. There are no tavernas on the beach, but there are two in Mersini. A few tamarisk trees afford shade.


To Livadi beach on Donoussa you can go by beach boat or walk along a path that starts in Mersini.

To Livadi beach you can go by beach boat or walk along a path that starts in Mersini.


There is little shade on the beach, so bring your own parasol.

There is little shade on the beach, so bring your own parasol.

There are three good quality beaches at Kalotaritissa in the northern parts of Donoussa. Kalotaritissa is reached by bus from Stavros. Taverna is available.


The beach, the village, the bus and the taverna of Kalotaritissa on Donoussa.

The village of Kalotaritissa is no bigger than this. But a taverna exist.


Kalotaritissa beach on the north of Donoussa.

One of the beaches in Kalotaritissa.


Tripiti beach in Kalotaritissa on Donoussa in the Cyclades.

Tripiti beach in Kalotaritissa. The path to the beach is visible on the left.


Nice beaches and rock baths in Kalotaritissa on Donoussa.

An even smaller beach in Kalotaritissa.


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