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Malia east of Hersonissos in Crete

Malia (3,220 inhabitants) is located about 8 kilometres east of Hersonissos. The village should change its name to Partya, because if it is somewhere in Crete that is dominated by party, then it is Malia. In fact, I have never seen anything like this during all my travels in Greece.


Party in Malia in Crete.

One of the British streets in Malia.



If you like to party all night and all day you will love Malia, if not, you never want to see the place again. The beaches are quite decent and the water is quite inviting. Malia is unfortunately a gigantic tourist industry. There are regular package holidays to Malia from Sweden, and there are package drinking trips from England.

The village is something of a British colony in the peak season. English dominates, there is hardly a single sign in Greek. People go to British pubs and read English newspapers and sometimes they throw an eye on an old English football game that is shown on big screen TVs. McDonald's is just around the corner, the sun beds lie closer together than seals and it is terribly crowded.

Malia beach in Crete.

Part of the beach in Malia.


Malia Palace lies a few kilometres east along the coast. The palace is one of the three major Minoan palaces in Crete. The Palace of Malia is not as interesting as Knossos and Phaestos, at least not for a layman. But if you are a hardcore fan of Minoan culture, then of course you should not miss the excavations.


Remains of the Minoan Palace of Malia in Crete.

Remains of the Minoan Palace of Malia.


Malia is quite close to Agios Nikolaos, and to Mirtos. Both resorts are much nicer than Malia, and they are located in the regional unit of Lasithi.


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