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Hersonissos east of Heraklion in Crete

Hersonissos has 2,970 permanent inhabitants and is located approximately 27 kilometres east of Heraklion. The town has a long history and it is believed that there was a harbour here already during Minoan times. Today, mass tourism completely dominates and there are not many traces left of the ancient Hersonissos. Two relics from the ancient Hersonissos are the ruins of a very old basilica (church) and the remains of a mosaic. The basilica is located on the peninsula at the marina, and the mosaic is found on the waterfront.


Tavernas and bars in Hersonissos. Crete.

A part of the waterfront in Hersonissos.



Hersonissos is one of Crete's largest tourist resorts, and the absolutely largest in eastern Crete. Young people - and a lot of adults for that matter - travel here from all over Europe to sunbathe, swim and party. The resort has more than enough of bars and discos.


The waterfront and the beach of Hersonissos. Crete.

The waterfront and the beach of Hersonissos.


It's a paradise for those who like late nights. Much revolves around the waterfront lined with tavernas, restaurants, bars, cafes and discos. Of course, there are also shops of all kinds, as well as McDonald's for those who want to exchange the souvlaki for a Big Mac.

The beaches are okay, but nothing to write home about. There is a long narrow beach to the left (see picture below) of the marina, and some smaller beaches (see picture above to the right) along the coast.


The beach of Hersonissos.

The beach of Hersonissos.


A variety of boat trips departs every day from the port of Hersonissos. For example to the small cute coastal village of Sissi and to the not so cute party resort of Malia, as well as to the beaches of Analipsi and Anissaras.

If you like water sports parks you can go to Acqua Plus Water Park about 5 kilometres southwest of Hersonissos. Read more about the water park on their website: www.acquaplus.gr.


The range is gigantic. Many of the hotels are pre-booked by the package companies, but there are also many accommodation options for those travelling independently.

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Hersonissos beach in Crete.

The large beach in Hersonissos.


Hersonissos is located 25 kilometres east of Heraklion Airport and about 40 kilometres west of Agios Nikolaos.

Not far from Hersonissos lies the Lasithi plateau which is a unique place with about twenty small villages. Do not miss!


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