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Lake Votamos in Zaros in Crete

The very nice village of Zaros in the regional unit of Heraklion is known for three things: the mighty Rouvas Gorge, the tasty water Zaros and that many of the restaurants serve salmon. Or really not salmon, rather trout, but it sounds better to write salmon because it is nothing you associate with Greece.


Water and trout from Zaros in Crete.

Water and trout from Zaros.



In Zaros, and above the village, there are several fish farms where mainly trout is cultivated. It is said that there also is wild trout in the many watercourses around Zaros.


The bottling plant where the water from Zaros in Crete is bottled.

The bottling plant where the water from Zaros is bottled.

A few kilometres north of Zaros there is a lush park and a lake called Votamos, also here is the opportunity to eat trout, or maybe just have a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Along the road up to the lake there are a couple of three restaurants serving trout. Here are a lot of people on the weekends, people come all the way from Heraklion to eat this, for the Greeks, so exotic fish.


Lake Votamos north of Zaros in Crete.

Lake Votamos north of Zaros.


A path to the Rouvas Gorge starts at the lake.

There is one more lake near Zaros. It's called Faneromenis and is located about 6 kilometres southwest of central Zaros.


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