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Walk to Lissos from Sougia in Crete

A hike that I'm keen on is the one to Lissos quite close to Sougia in southern Crete. The walk starts at the harbour located as far west as you can get in Sougia. The hike is easy and takes about 1½ hours if you walk all the way down to the sea. The first part is most spectacular, in places you feel really small.


Walk to Lissos from Sougia in southern Crete.

On a walk to Lissos. Camilla is visible in the middle of the picture.



Lissos is known since ancient times when it was a great city and an important port. Lissos was famous for a temple dedicated to Asclepius - the god of medicine and the son of Apollo. Parts of the temple remain and can be seen. Even parts of the beautiful mosaic floor are intact. You can see traces of the old city almost everywhere during the walk.

Unfortunately, information signs are missing, so for an amateur, most of it is shrouded in mystery. But with a little imagination...

Hike to Lissos from Sougia in Crete.

On the way to the little beach you see in the picture below.



I am very fond of this hike, partly because it is easy to walk, partly because you feel the breath of history, and partly because the walk ends at the sea. After 1½ hours of sweating, it is wonderful to go for a swim at the cute little beach with a beautiful location.


The beach in Lissos close to Sougia in southern Crete.

The walk ends at this small beach.


A refreshing swim is the perfect end to a wonderful hike. The hiking route - which is part of the E4 coastal path - starts and ends in Sougia in southern Crete, near Paleochora.


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