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Lake Kournas near Georgioupolis in Crete

The major attraction near Georgioupolis is Lake Kournas, which is Crete's largest lake. Kournas is a very popular outing destination for tourists and greeks. Most people come here to eat at one of the tavernas along the lake, others combine the eating with sunbathing and swimming, or maybe a trip around the lake in a pedaloe.

It is about 4 kilometres from Georgioupolis to Lake Kournas, some choose to walk, you can also go by tourist train from Georgioupolis, and of course you can use your own vehicle.


There are lots of different kinds of paddle boats to rent at Kournas Lake in Crete.

There are lots of different kinds of paddle boats to rent at Kournas Lake.



The lakeshores are really nothing to write home about, I think that those who choose to swim here, only do it because it's a lake. On the other hand there are some good tavernas, at least we have never been disappointed, even though the tavernas looks like tourist traps.


Tavernas above Lake Kournas in Crete.

Tavernas above Lake Kournas.


I do not think they can compromise on the food quality since so many Greeks come here, especially on weekends when it may even take time to get a table. Last time we were here we ate very good food at Omorfi Limni. There is a small interesting war museum inside the taverna.

Lake Kournas beach near Georgioupolis in Crete.

Lake Kournas near Georgioupolis.


There are another two lakes in Crete: Lake Agia south of Chania, and Lake Faneromenis south of Zaros.

None of them cannot match Lake Kournas. However, these smaller lakes are very good if you like bird watching.


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