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Almyrida east of Chania in Crete

Almyrida is located about 25 kilometres east of Chania, and is just like Kalives a popular tourist resort and also popular among package tourists. The difference between them is that Almyrida is smaller and more adapted to tourism, albeit on a small scale, at least if compared to the tourist resorts west of Chania.


The beach in Almyrida in Crete.




I wrote on the page about Kalives that we usually recommend Kalives to those who are looking for a low-key tourist resort. We also usually recommend Almyrida, and Paleochora in south-west of Crete.

I really like Almyrida. One reason is that here is quite quiet, without being dull. There are a number of nice tavernas and some cafes along the street that leads through the village. Several of the tavernas are located along the waterfront and it is a real pleasure to sit here over a long meal and look out over the sea.


The seafront in Almyrida. Crete. Restaurants.

The seafront in Almyrida.


The village has two nice beaches: one small in the beginning of the village, and one much longer sandy beach extending to the east along the entire bay. The water is incredibly inviting and the surroundings are beautiful.

If you want a change, just take a taxi or go by the little road train to Kalives, which is also a very nice tourist resort.


Almyrida. Crete. Sandy beach.

The small beach in Almyrida.

If you look at the beach picture below you will see some buildings on the hill. The buildings shown in the picture are located in the village of Plaka, where many foreigners, mainly British and Germans, have bought houses. Some live there all year round, while others are only there during the summer.


Almyrida beach and Plaka in Crete.

The far end of the beach in Almyrida. Plaka is set on the hill above the beach.



Many foreigners do also live in Kokkino Horio, a short distance from Plaka. I understand them, the area is beautiful, and in its places picturesque. The view of the sea is also fabulous. The proximity to Almyrida is of course also a big plus. Plaka is the one of the villages I like most. There is a square with tavernas and cafes. Good accommodation is also available for those who want to stay for a few nights.


We have never stayed overnight in Almyrida or Plaka so I can not give you any accommodation tips. But a few years ago it was close, we had decided to stay a few nights in Plaka, but when we got there we got an incredible longing for Chania city, so we drove there instead.

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Almyrida beach east of Chania in Crete.

A quiet day in Almyrida.


Almyrida is located about 25 km east of Chania city and about 5 km east of Kalives.


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