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Akrotiri peninsula east of Chania in Crete

Akrotiri peninsula just east of Chania is a nice destination for a day trip, or maybe to stay a few nights at one of the nice beaches. About 20,000 people live here in about 20 smaller villages. The landscape is largely flat, the highest mountain Skopla measures only 528 metres above sea level.


The mythical Monastery of Katholiko in the Akrotiri peninsula in Crete.

The mythical Monastery of Katholiko in the Akrotiri peninsula.



What mainly attracts tourists to Akrotiri is the nice sandy beach of Stavros, where parts of the film Zorba the Greek were shot. Akrotiri also has other attractions: some interesting monasteries, a couple of strange caves, a couple of other beaches that are well worth visiting and a nice walk to an uninhabited monastery.


Kalathas beach in the Akrotiri peninsula in Chania, Crete.

Kalathas beach in the Akrotiri peninsula.


Akrotiri's strategic location has attracted settlers throughout the history, and it is even believed that people lived here already during the Stone Age. That our ancestors chose to settle right here is perhaps not strange, the peninsula is fertile and the location could hardly be better thanks to the strategic Souda Bay.

Some parts of southern Akrotiri are military zones and cannot be visited. But there is so much else to discover so it doesn't matter. One more thing: if you do not visit Akrotiri on your own, you will end up here whether you planned it or not, because this is where Chania's airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis is located. (That is if you go by air to Chania.)

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To get to Akrotiri from Chania, it is easiest to follow the road signs towards the airport. The distances are short so it works just as well with a scooter as with a car. If you do not want to drive yourself, you can go by local bus from Chania, the local buses runs to, for example, Stavros beach and the exciting Agia Triada Monastery.


Stavros beach in the Akrotiri peninsula in Chania.

Stavros beach in the Akrotiri peninsula.



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Map of Akrotiri peninsula in Crete.

Map of Akrotiri peninsula.



About 8 kilometres east of Chania's airport lies Seitan beach, which in recent years has become increasingly popular. It is a small beach with turquoise water located in a beautiful bay. Visited by many people in high season when the bus runs down to the beach.


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