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Chora and Mytilini in Samos

The village of Chora, located behind the airport in Potokaki, can almost be regarded as a suburb of Pythagorion. Many probably pass through Chora without even thinking that it's a village. It's a pity, because the village is quite nice.

The airport of Samos.

The airport of Samos. Chora is seen up in the hills.

If you stay in Pythagorion, or at Potokaki beach, I recommend a visit to Chora in the evening. It does not cost many Euro by taxi. In the old parts of the village you will find Antonis Taverna, which I think is one of Samos' best restaurants. The restaurant is family owned and serves traditional Greek home cooked food at its best.s Many Greeks goes to Antonis Taverna. They come late, so do not be surprised if the restaurant is empty when you arrive.

Chora. Samos.

One of the alleys of Chora. 

Mytilini, just north of Chora, is said to have been named by people who emigrated from Mytilini (on the island of Lesvos north of Samos), but no one that I have spoken to has been able to confirm that theory.

The narrow main road to Samos Town passes through the village, few take their time to stop (also here), which is a pity because Mytilini is a nice village. Especially in the neighbourhoods around the village square adorned by a large plane tree, around the square are several tavernas and some kafenións where the old men sits and discusses the day's events over a cup of Greek coffee.

The square in Mytilini. Samos.

The square in Mytilini.

Mytilini's major attraction is the Paleontological Museum where fossils and skeletons from extinct animals are exhibited. For example there is a fossil from a small horse with three toes, said to have been lived on Samos.

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