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Kastellorizo's best beaches

Nobody goes to Kastellorizo for the nice beaches. And it is not strange at all, because there are no beaches on the island. In fact, Kastellorizo is the only island in Greece that I have been to that has no beaches.

You might think that there should be some small beach. Well, there is a beach called Plakes and it is made of limestone. You can go there by excursion boat. Picture from Plakes is further down and where you can see that it is not a beach you make waves for. There is also a beach called Mandraki, which also does not live up to the epithet beach. At least I don't think so. I have never seen anyone swim there and I would never imagine doing it. However, it is excellent to swim at the church of Saint George, there is also an excursion boat. And if you're lucky, you can swim in the Blue Cave.

Instead of beaches, one is directed to the large bay that surrounds Megisti. Along the port promenade there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, and bathing ladders to go up and down into the water. It is of course just as well to dive or jump into the water. When it's not windy, you can compare the large bay to a giant swimming pool. There is nothing wrong with the water, it is both inviting and bathing-friendly.


Pictures from the "beaches" on Kastellorizo.


The large swimming pool in Megisti on the island of Kastellorizo in the Dodecanese.

The swimming pool-like port bay of Megisti.


Sunbeds and parasols for rent in Megisti on Kastellorizo.

Sunbeds and parasols are available. It would have been a bit hard otherwise.

Megisti Hotel är det bästa hotellet på Kastellorizo i Grekland.

Slightly better quality of the sunbeds here. Megisti Hotel on the other side.


The harbor promenade in Megisti on Kastellorizo ??in the Dodecanese is lined with good restaurants and taverns.

The harbor promenade is long and you can swim in many places.


At Kastellorizo ??there are bathing ladders to go up and down into the water.

In some places there are bathing ladders.

The beautiful Mandraki bay in Megisti on Kastellorizo.

The beautiful Mandraki bay, where the ugly Mandraki beach is located.


Mandraki beach on Kastellorizo.

Mandraki beach.


You can go to Saint George beach on Kastellorizo by bathing boat and excursion boat.

Saint George beach where the excursion boat goes.

The diving water that surrounds Kastellorizo is seductively inviting.

As you can see, the water is fantastic.


Swimming spots and beaches on the island of Kastellorizo near Kaz in Turkey.

To the right of the house above you find this swimming area.


If you like to dive and snorkel with snorkels and mask, Kastellorizo is perfect.

To the left of the house above is this snorkel spot.

The limestone beach Plakes beach on Kastellorizo in Greece.

As you can see, Plakes beach is not much to cheer about.


Bath and swim in the Blue Cave on Kastellorizo.

Swimming in the Blue Cave is amazing.


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The water festival in Megisti on Kastellorizo ??is celebrated in July every year.

But, as I said, most people bathe in Megisti. Like here during the water festival.


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