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Blue Cave on Kastellorizo

Blue Cave on Kastellorizo is claimed to be the largest, bluest and coolest cave in all of Greece, some say in whole of the Mediterranean. The cave is about 75 metres long, 40 metres wide and 35 metres high. I was a little sceptical before my first visit to this cave. I do not know how many "Blue Caves" I have seen in Greece. I have been impressed by some, but I have mostly shrugged my shoulders at others, but not at the Blue Cave on Kastellorizo. If you're on Kastellorizo, you must not miss this fantastic cave.


Blue Cave on Kastellorizo in Greece.

Blue Cave on Kastellorizo.


The cave is accessible only by boat, and the boat has to be small enough to enter the narrow entrance. Boats departs every day to the cave from the port of Megisti, if the weather allows. It should preferably be windless, it is only possible to enter the cave when the seas are calm. The price for a ride to the cave is about 20 € per person. We went with Georgios from Taverna Little Paris, which I happily recommend.


On the way to the blue cave on Kastellorizo with a small rubber boat.

On the way to the Blue Cave with Georgios from Taverna Little Paris.


The cave entrance is about one meter high and the cave can therefore not be visited if the seas are wavy. When you approach the cave, you start to try to find the cave entrance, and even though you know that the entrance is small, and you look out frantically, it can not be seen.


Boat trip around the small island of Kastellorizo.

Where is the cave entrance?

The entrance to the Blue Cave on Kastellorizo.

There it is! The cave entrance is visible under the white rectangle (which I have drawn).


When the boat approaches the cave entrance, you have to brace yourself, because the entrance is really small, and the rocks above the entrance do not look beneficial. In short, you have to lie down on the floor in the boat, otherwise you hit the skull in a rock, and then you get scalped. It's sooo exciting! And pretty scary. :-)


The scary cave opening to Blue Cave on Kastellorizo.

Here it is important to lie low, otherwise you will be scalped.


Once inside the cave, it is obvious that this is the largest, bluest and coolest cave in Greece. When you enter the cave and the engine shuts off, it becomes completely silent. It's fantastic! You get a feeling of being in space. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to take pictures inside the cave so the pictures can not show how amazing it actually is.


Blue Cave on Kastellorizo in the Dodecanese.

The cave opening seen from the inside.

Blue Cave on Kastellorizo in Greece.

When the engine is switched off, it becomes completely silent and everything becomes so beautiful!


To visit the Blue Cave on Kastellorizo is an unforgettable experience. The only thing I miss from our visit is that we did not get the opportunity to go for a swim inside the cave. Talk about adventure. We were not allowed to swim when we were there, but I know others who have. If you are not allowed to swim in the cave, you may have the opportunity to swim at Saint George's Church on the way back to Megisti.


The church bath at Agios Saint George between the blue cave and Megisti on Kastellorizo.

The bathing-place at Agios Saint George between the Blue Cave and Megisti.


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