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Triopetra in southern Crete

Triopetra, about 50 kilometres south of Rethymnon, is one of my paradises in Crete. The village and beach are just a few kilometres from one of my other favourite villages, Agios Pavlos. Maybe you agree with me that Triopetra is a paradise when you have been here, maybe not. It depends on how your relationship is to the words seclusion, stillness, silence and simplicity.


Triopetra near Agios Pavlos in southern Crete.

The beach in Triopetra in one direction.


Rocks and beaches in Tripopetra in southern Crete.

The beach in Triopetra, and the rocks that named the beach, in the other direction.


When I feel stressed at home in Sweden, I often think of Triopetra, how peaceful there is, and also of the relaxing atmosphere. One and all should be able to experience this incredible place. If doctors had the opportunity to prescribe a week in Triopetra to all stressed metropolitan residents, we might not have any burnt out people.


Tripopetra seen from the three rocks that have given the beach and the village its name.

Tripopetra seen from the three rocks that have given the beach and the village its name.

The neighbouring village of Agios Pavlos appears to be a big city in comparison to Triopetra. Here you can really talk about small-scale tourism. Imagine a long and wide sandy beach with a few sun beds along a gigantic sea, surrounded by beautiful mountains, and you have Triopetra in front of you. There are only a few tavernas and hotels.


Triopetra beach in Rethymnon region in southern Crete.

So far there is plenty of space on the beach in Triopetra.


That such a divine place has remained unexploited is a mystery to me. A mystery I hope I will never experience as solved. However, since a few years ago there have been plans to develop the entire area as far as Agios Pavlos. Northwest of Triopetra is another nice beach called Ligres. There are also taverns and rooms to rent.


Belly surfing and windsurfing and kitesurfing on the beaches of Triopetra and Agios Pavlos in Crete.

Sometimes there are high waves which are perfect for those of us who like belly surfing.


The name Triopetra comes from the three rocks that are visible at the end of the beach, towards Agios Pavlos. (Three is called trio in Greek, and petra means rock.) From the cliff above the rocks you have a stunning view of the beach and out over the Libyan Sea. Here are some tourists during the day, but the beach is so long that there is always plenty of room if you want some privacy. The evenings are the best, they are not just the best, they are magical.


This is what I wrote on my blog after our first evening in Triopetra:

"Here we got to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets we've ever seen. The sun went straight down into the sea, big mean clouds drifted in and loud teddy bear waves hit the shore. One of the coolest nights we've been part of. We then sat down the only tavern (Girogiali or Yirogiali), where we had a wonderful evening.The owner was very nice, kind and funny.


The sunsets in the Libyan Sea are magical if you are in southern Crete. Do not miss!

Waiting for the sun to go down.

He was a bit like Basil in Fawlty Towers. He offered all the guests a bottle of wine. Cretan music was heard in the background. And it was only us who were here, maybe fifteen people, on this huge beach. Fantastic! It got dark, I promise. The stars were so close and so beautiful, we've probably never seen the Milky Way so big. When we had finished eating, we went down to the beach and lay down in each sun lounger and looked at the stars and listened to the waves hitting the shore. What a fabulous evening. We never wanted it to end!"


Sunset in Triopetra in southern Crete

The sunset in Triopetra is magical.


Taverna Girogiali in Triopetra in southern Crete.

Taverna Girogiali in Triopetra.



I hope you stay overnight in Triopetra, I promise you won't regret it. There is one pension on the beach itself, and also some hotels above the beach. Triopetra Notos Hotel is one of the best hotels. The range is, for obvious reasons, small.

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Don't miss Agios Pavlos when you travel to Triopetra in southern Crete.

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