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Sendoni Cave in Zoniana in Crete

Sendoni (Sfentoni) Cave near the villages of Zoniana and Anogia is the most beautiful cave I have visited. Like many other caves, the cave is full of stalagmites and stalactites. What makes this cave unique is that it is illuminated by spotlights that change colour all the time. It feels like you are walking around in a beautiful work of art instead of a dark and humid cave.


Sendoni cave close to Anogia in Crete.

Sendoni cave.



Another thing that makes Sendoni Cave special is that you cannot enter it without a guide. Guided tours start once an hour between 09.00-17.00 and take about 25 minutes. Tickets costs about 5 €.


Sendoni Cave in Zoniana in Crete.

Sendoni cave.

The cave is located in Zoniana. The village got its fifteen minutes of fame in November 2007 when more than 40 armed policemen arrived in the village in a convoy with about ten vehicles. Zoniana was at the time like a place outside the law where cannabis was cultivated and a large-scaled drug traffic took place. When the police arrived they were met by some twenty armed men that opened fire with Kalashnikovs.

Three policemen were injured, one seriously, the latter died in 2015. I was in Greece when this happened and followed the drama on television. It ended with many arrested, and burnt down cannabis plantations.


Sendoni Cave in Zoniana in Crete.

Sendoni Cave. There is even a cave troll in the cave. Can you see it?


Sendoni Cave and the village of Zoniana are located near the village of Anogia, which I can highly recommend.


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