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Argiroupolis in Crete

Argiroupolis, located at the border of Chania regional unit, is one of Crete's most attractive villages. The village is, like so many other villages in Crete, divided into an upper and a lower part. Both are interesting. In the lower part of the lower part lies five tavernas in a very fertile and lush valley. It even grows bananas here.


One of the waterfalls in Argiroupolis in Crete.

One of the waterfalls in Argiroupolis.



The reason why it is so lush is because it runs water from the mountains all year round. The reason why there are so many tavernas is due to the fact that large busloads of people come here to eat. It is only 25 kilometres to Rethymno, and actually quite close to the tourist resorts east of Chania.


Argiroupolis in Crete.

Argiroupolis in Crete.

The upper part of Argiroupolis is built on the ruins of a Doric - and later Roman - city called Lappa. Remains of the city can be seen near the fine church. It is well worth to wander about in the narrow alleys in the upper part of the village. The village is not touristy at all, and it is a real pleasure to aimlessly just stroll around.


The entrance to upper Argiroupolis in Crete.

The entrance to upper Argiroupolis.


Lappa Avacodo is a company in upper Argiroupolis that specializes in producing products made of avocado oil. According to the company, avocado oil is effective in treating various skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. Some of their products are also said to remove wrinkles. True or not, I do not know.

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