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Amari Valley in Crete

The Amari valley - indeed a beautiful name! Not only the name is beautiful, the whole valley is beautiful, and it is one of Crete's most pristine oases with about 25 small traditional villages. The extensive valley is located between the Mount Ida (Psiloritis) in the east and the Mount Kedros in the southwest. The nature in the valley is extremely magnificent.


Fourfouras. Amari Valley in Crete.

Fourfouras, in my opinion the most interesting village in the valley.



There are those who call the Amari valley for the Tuscany of Greece. Unfortunately, I have not been to Tuscany so I cannot compare, but judging from photos I have seen, Tuscany is just that little bit better. The best time to come here is of course in the spring, but the valley is beautiful even in other seasons. Apart from the picturesque villages, and the enchanting countryside, the Amari valley is known for its many Byzantine churches and its lovely hiking trails.


The long and narrow village of Fourfouras is located at the foot of Mount Psiloritis in Crete.

The long and narrow village of Fourfouras is located at the foot of Mount Psiloritis.


As mentioned, there are many small picturesque villages in the valley. One of the first villages is Amari (if you come from Rethymno), the village that gave the valley its name. In the village square is a taverna called Petrakaion. It is a very simple taverna with a small selection.

We have eaten one of the best lunches in all of Crete in the square in Amari. Sitting in the square over a long lunch or a cup of coffee, studying the small village's everyday life can be at least as interesting as a visit to the Minoan palace of Knossos.


The taverna in the village of Amari that gave the valley its name. Crete.

The taverna in the village of Amari that gave the valley its name.



On the way south through the Amari valley you pass a small village called Platania, where the Platania Gorge is located. It is one of Crete's most unknown gorges.

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If you continue south, towards the coast, you will eventually arrive at Fourfouras. It is a lovely village that is very beautifully situated at the foot of Mount Psiloritis. The village looks peculiar from a distance because it is so extremely long and narrow. If you decide to sleep one night or two in the Amari valley, I think Fourfouras is the best choice. There are several pensions, and there are tavernas and shops.

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View of the Amari valley in Crete.

View of the Amari valley.


After Fourfouras, you pass the village of Kouroutes (also nice) before arriving at the village of Apodoulo and the exit of the Amari valley. If you continue about 20 kilometres east, you will reach Zaros, one of my favourite villages in Crete. Zaros is a perfect base because there is so much to see and do in the surroundings.

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