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The Dikteon Cave in the Lasithi plateau

The Dikteon Cave is the Lasithi plateau's main attraction, and the main reason for tourists to visit the plateau. Personally, I think the plateau itself is much more interesting than the cave. There are many explored and unexplored caves in Crete. The two most famous are the Idaion Cave on the Mount Ida (Psiloritis) and - that's right - the Dikteon Cave.


The car park in the small village of Psychro from where the path to the Dikteon Cave begins.

The car park in the small village of Psychro from where the path to the Dikteon Cave begins.



According to Greek mythology, Rhea gave birth to the god Zeus in Dikteon Cave. With the intention that the father, Kronos, would not eat Zeus (something Kronos used to do with all his offspring) he was hid here in the cave. Zeus was guarded by warriors and breast-fed by a goat. Zeus was later moved to the Idaion Cave where he grew up and became big. Later on, Zeus forced Kronos to throw up his siblings. After that, Zeus shared power with his brothers. Stuff happens.


The path leading up to the Dikteon Cave at the Lasithi plateau in Crete.

The path leading up to the Dikteon Cave. The Lasithi plateau in the background.

The cave is huge and contains both stalactites and stalagmites. A steep path leads down to the most interesting parts of the cave. At the far back to the left is a smaller chamber that, according to legend, is the place where Zeus was born. The whole cave is illuminated, but you still have to pay attention to where you put your feet.


Dikteon Cave. Lasithi. Crete.

Dikteon Cave.


To get to the cave, drive to the village of Psychro opposite the village of Tzermiado. There is a car park outside the village. It costs a few Euros to park. It is about 800 metres from the car park to the cave. It takes between 10 and 15 minutes to walk. The entrance fee is about 5 €.


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