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Mochlos in eastern Crete

Mochlos (120 inhabitants), between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia in eastern Crete, is an idyllic little fishing village with three four tavernas, a few cafes and a couple of shops. Mochlos is located approximately 37 kilometres east of Agios Nikolaos, and about 35 kilometres west of Sitia.


The village of Mochlos near Sitia in eastern Crete.

View of Mochlos and the beautiful surroundings.


It's a rather worn village, not beautiful in any way. Still, it is one of my favourite villages in Crete. I can not say exactly what it's that makes me love Mochlos. There is something about the sea, the small offshore island, and the mountains in the distance that appeal to me. And the exceptional tranquillity that rests over the village, at least during the low and shoulder seasons.


The small cosy village of Mochlos in eastern Crete.

The same picture, but zoomed in a lot.


There is nothing to do in Mochlos, except to sit and look out over the sea, and to read books of course. Mochlos is a perfect place to be in if you just want to be. And I guess that we all want that sometimes.


There is nothing to do in Mochlos, except to sit and look out over the sea, and to read books.

The small village is not bigger than this.


The village of Mochlos and the beautiful high mountains of eastern Crete.

The mighty mountains that frame Mochlos into a beautiful painting.

There is no good beach in Mochlos, but the water is lovely and you can swim off the rocks. It is swimming distance across to the small offshore island and it's not uncommon to see people swim there. The island - also named Mochlos - is uninhabited, but it was inhabited in early Minoan time (3,000 BC) and for a long time ahead.


Mochlos beach on eastern Crete.

Swimming from the rocks is excellent.


Swim to the island of Mochlos in Eastern Crete.

You can swim across to the small island, also called Mochlos.


At the time the island was no island, it was linked to the mainland. The sea was then about two metres lower than it is today. Excavations started on the western part of the island in 1908 and a Minoan cemetery and the remains from a Minoan settlement was found. Excavations have been on and off ever since.


On Mochlos island in eastern Crete there is a Minoan cemetery and a Minoan village.

The Mysterious Island, as Jules Verne would have said.

The best thing about Mochlos might be the evenings when you sit at one of the tavernas, looking out over the dark sea and enjoying cold white wine and day fresh fish. Taverna Ta Kochilia is in my opinion the best taverna in the village.


Restaurants, taverns and beaches in Mochlos in Crete.

Three of the tavernas in Mochlos. Taverna Ta Kochilia is in the middle.


The evenings in Mochlos are very relaxing and something you must not miss when traveling to eastern Crete.

The evenings in Mochlos is very peaceful.


Taverna Ta Kochilia is in my opinion the best restaurant in Mochlos.

Taverna Ta Kochilia is in my opinion the best restaurant in Mochlos.

Breakfast with a view from a good hotel in Mochlos.

Breakfast with a view in Mochlos.


This is what I wrote in the diary the first time we came to Mochlos: "We were met by a calm sea and mountains reminding us of Amorgos. Here was not as touristy as many other villages and towns we passed by. We parked the car and started looking for a room. We found one almost at once. The room had a balcony with divine sea views and only cost 28 €. Camilla went to pick up the car, I sat down on the balcony, opened a cold beer that I got at the taverna below. Me and the beer looked out over the calm sea and toward the impressive mountains. I enjoyed what I saw. When Camilla came with the car I shouted at her: ask how long the room is available, we have to stay here!"


The beautiful sunrise in Mochlos in eastern Crete.

The beautiful sunrise in Mochlos.



I hope you will experience an evening or two in Mochlos. If you stay overnight you have to set the alarm clock and get up to watch the sunrise. If you are not religious before, it involves a considerable risk (chance) that you will be religious after watching this show. As you understand, the range is limited, and it is best to book in advance.

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