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Komos and Kalamaki in southern Crete

The beaches of Komos and Kalamaki are located just north of Matala and are among the most beautiful beaches I have seen. It is the same beach, though with different names. The first part of the beach is called Komos and it is closest to Matala. You understand what I mean by beautiful beach when standing above Komos, looking out over the sea and the enormously long sandy beach. It will not be more beautiful than this.


Komos beach and Bunga Bunga near Matala in southern Crete.

Como beach. Bunga Bunga is on the left but is not visible in the picture.


There are almost no facilities in Komos, but there is one restaurant that is different from most in the area. The restaurant is called Bunga Bunga and is on the cliff on the left above, but it is not visible in the picture. The view of the beach from Bunga Bunga is unbelievably beautiful.


Komos beach near Kalamaki and Kokkinos Pyrgos beaches in southern Crete.

Komos beach is located before Kalamaki and Kokkinos Pyrgos beaches.


Komos beach in southern Crete is perfect for those who like to snorkel.

The inviting sea at Komos beach.


What is surprising is that neither Komos nor Kalamaki are particularly exploited. Here are huge potentials for mass tourism. It will certainly be so one day, but yet there is time to enjoy this oasis.

In Kalamaki, unlike Komos, there are many facilities. Along the promenade are taverns, restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels and pensions in a long row. But for that reason, Kalamaki does not feel exploited, on the contrary I would say, here it is small-scale tourism that applies, and it's surprising that more tourists don't travel here, or even know about this part of Crete.


Kalamaki beach near Matala in southern Crete.

View of beautiful Kalamaki beach.


Restaurants, tavernas, cafes, shops and hotels along the beach promenade in Kalamaki.

The beach promenade in Kalamaki.


Cafe Babis at Kalamaki beach.

Cafe Babis at Kalamaki beach.

When we first came here, we had stayed a few nights in Matala. We arrived early in the morning, the sea was as clear as Greek yogurt and it was quiet and still. I sat above the beach and almost dropped my jaw when I saw how beautiful it was. Camilla then took the picture of me below. I have been using it for a long time as a background image in our Facebook group Forum Kalimera Greece.


The Facebook group Forum Kalimera Grekland.

The background image in our Facebook group Forum Kalimera Grekland.


From Kalamaki in southern Crete you can see the small island of Gavdos.

The beach in Kalamaki. The island in the background is Gavdos.


Komos and Kalamaki beaches end (if coming from Matala) in the small tourist resort of Kokkinos Pyrgos where there are plenty of hotels and some tavernas. I think that Kokkinos Pyrgos is a rather dull village and I would not want to stay there, but I know those who think differently.


Kokkinos Pyrgos beach near Matala in southern Crete.

Kokkinos Pyrgos beach is located after Kalamaki.


The border between the regional unit of Heraklion and the regional unit of Rethymnon runs just west of Kokkinos Pyrgos. If you continue the coastal road to the west you will come to for example Agia Galini, the palm beach of Preveli and the pleasant tourist resort of Plakias.



We have never stayed overnight in Kalamaki, but we hope to do so the next time we travel to this part of Crete. It must be amazing to wake up in the morning and take a swim before breakfast. Or sit in a tavern in the evening and listen to the relaxing lapping of the waves. Below are three hotels that I would like to stay at.

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