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The world's oldest olive tree grows in Crete

The area south of Kolymbari is full of olive trees. Drive up to the cave church of Ioannis Ermitis, located above the village of Marathokefala, which in turn lies above the village of Spilia a few kilometres south of Kolimbari. The church is well worth a visit, but it is the view of the valley that is the major attraction. One almost feel dizzy when looking out over the valley with all the olive trees.

A few kilometres southeast of Spilia lies two villages with almost the same name: Vouves and Ano Vouves. We follow the signs to Ano Vouves to see what probably is the world's oldest olive tree.


The world's oldest olive tree grows in Ano Vouves in Crete.

The world's (perhaps) oldest olive tree.



No one, of course, knows how old the tree is. Some say that it is about 4,000 years old, others say that it is "only" about 3,000 years old. Who is right does not matter, that it is old is quite clear.


The olive tree in Crete is about 4,000 years old.

The trunk is hollow and has room for several people.

Imagine that the tree may have been planted 4,000 years ago. Certainly it is fascinating with a tree that has seen the world come and go during such a long time. If it only could tell us about its life! The trunk is hollow and about three metres wide. There is room for several people inside the trunk.

What's even more amazing is that it still produce fruit. Adjacent to the old olive tree is a nice museum where you can learn everything that has to do with olives.

During the 2004 Athens Olympics, the first and last gold medallist received an olive wreath from this particular tree.


Museum of Olives in Ano Vouves in Crete.

Don't miss the interesting museum next to the old olive tree.



The olive tree grows in the village of Ano Vouves, located south of Kolymbari 16 kilometres east of Kissamos, which in turn is located 40 kilometres west of Chania.


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