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Lakki in Crete

Many who travel to Crete go on a hike down the Samaria Gorge. Most people go on an organized tour which includes a guide, and all transport is arranged. The road up to the Omalos Plateau, where the Samaria Gorge begins, is dramatic.

If you go with your own transport, you have the privilege to make a stop in the small village of Lakki about 25 kilometres south of Chania. The view of Lakki is amazing. Here you can stand for a long time and take in the total silence that dominates the respectful sceneries.


The small village of Lakki on the road to Samaria Gorge in Crete.

View of Lakki.



From Lakki the road continues south up to the Samaria Gorge (15 kilometres). The route up to Omalos offers incredible views, and a tickling feeling in the stomach. It is pretty scary to drive this route. You do not want to meet another vehicle. But it will happen, and usually it is a large bus that have left tourists that are going on a hike through the Samaria Gorge.

On of the restaurants in Lakki in Crete.

One of the tavernas in Lakki.


Lakki is an old rural village whose sell-by date has passed long ago. The village is scattering in every direction. The square is the central point. The road to the Samaria Gorge passes the square, unfortunately few people stop. I write unfortunately, because a stop in Lakki should be included in everyone's plans.


The strange war monument in Lakki. Crete.

The strange war monument in Lakki.


There are some tavernas and cafes in the square where one can easily spend an hour or two philosophizing about the distant past, and study the strange statue of three Greek war heroes. I have never seen a similar statue in Greece.


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